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Library Advisory Committee

LAC (Library Advisory Committee):
The college library is governed by LAC. Every year the college constitutes the Library Committee for its smooth functioning. The main objective of the Library Committee is to decide and adopt policies for the library services and programmes of the library. The principal of the college is the president of the committee. Mr.S.S. Narale is the chairman of the committee where as the librarian is the secretary. The committee consist of seven members include incharge principal, HOD’s and faculty representative of the various department of the college. The committee members discuss issues like library administrations, library development, library
services and policy decisions and also they give suggestions for the improvement of the library services, collections and development of the library.


1  Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Patil President
2  Mr. K.K. Rangar  Coordinator
3  Mr. A. A. Patil   Member- Secretary
4  Dr. S. R. Kulal  Member
5  Mr. N. A. Sakate  Member
6  Mr. S. G. Mali   Member
7  Mr. M. A. More  Member