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The College has an active Alumni Association entitled “Alumni Association of Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Jath”. It has been registered on 15th July, 2020 under The Society Registration Act 1860 (Act XXI of 1860). The registration number of Alumni Association is F-19278/SANGLI (Sangli0000111/2020). The executive council and its activities are uploaded on the college website with an independent tab. Since its inception, the association has significantly contributed to academic events and programs organised by college. The college organizes Central as well as Departmental Alumni Meet. The meetings of the executive (Managing) council are held at least twice a year. The association keeps good rapport with the present students, faculty members and administration of the college. Alumni Association adds an Annual and Life members every year. Besides, it opened its own bank account in Bank of Maharashtra, Jath branch for financial contribution.

Our pride Alumni are placed in various fields including agriculture, industry, education, business, professional fields, entertainment and media, academics and social work etc. A current and a retired teacher are the members of alumni association who play key-role in binding this group for development of college and works for overall development of students. It helps our institution not just financially but in terms of academic planning, internship and placements of students, career guidance and on-job guidance in their firms also. Alumni members are active members in IQAC, CDC and NSS committees etc. Alumni students who joined government services or successful entrepreneurs are invited to guide students. One of our alumni is elected as an MLA of Jath constituency. He helps Alumni Association whenever Alumni Association needs it. During meets, alumni discuss present situation of College, achievements, progress, and future plans of College. Many alumni have helped College by delivering lectures as resource person in various courses, programs, workshops and in a guest lecture etc. Their presence on various occasions helps to strengthen collaboration among past and present students. After all, Alumni Association is strength of our college.


               The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its alumni to perpetuate a sense of pride in and commitment to the outstanding qualities of the Institution and the education it provides, and to promote, in partnership, a positive image of the Institute and its alumni through communication, service and leadership.


       1. To encourage, foster and promote close relations between the College and its alumni and among the alumni themselves,

       2. To promote and encourage friendly relations between all members of the alumni body, an interest in the affairs and well-being of the Institution,

       3. To provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Matter, its graduates, Faculties and students, to the alumni.

       4. To initiate and develop programs  for the benefit of the alumni,

       5. To assist and support the efforts of the College in obtaining funds for development,

       6. To serve as a forum  through which alumni may support and advance the pursuit of academic excellence at the College,

       7. To guide and assist alumni who have recently completed their courses to obtain employment and engage in productive pursuits useful to society

       8. To organize and co-ordinate reunion activities of the Alumni and let the Alumni acknowledge their gratitude to their Alma Matter.

       9. To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to the alumni and their Alma Mater.