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Vision and Mission

The motto of our management is "Dissemination of education for knowledge, Science and Culture". To provide modern education to the youth of the rural and drought prone area of Jath Taluka at the affordable cost for their all-round development.
  1) To impart value based job oriented and real life education
  2) To empower the students through modern learning techniques and participation in curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities.
  3) To develop research culture among the faculty and the students.
  4) To provide quality education to all by means of sheer hard work, dedication and devotion.
  5) To promote a scientific temper among the faculty and the students.
  6) To inculcate cultural values among the students and make them better and responsible citizens of India.
  7) To ensure values like truth, honesty, character, true science, sacrifice among the students and curb exploitation through education amongst them.
  8) To aim at overall personality development through extracurricular activities.
  9) To attain communal and social development through infrastructural facilities of the college.
10) To provide a platform to the students to enhance their skills and potentials as well as a sense of social responsibility and nationality through sports, cultural, N.S.S. ,N.C.C. and other activities.
 11) To train the students to face various competitive examinations.
 12) To help the students for on-job training and placement of jobs wherever possible.